Plantarfasciitis and chiropractic

Plantarfasciitis is caused by damage in the fasciae under the foot. Its' usual locations are under the arch and under the heel.

Although the fasciae runs all the way along the bottom of the foot, the damage can occur in the front, middle and back of the foot.

The reason why these differ is because the location of damage is dependent on where we are putting the most weight. Also, when plantarfasciitis is located in the mid-foot, it could be because the arch is low and is not absorbing shock properly.

When our pelvis is misaligned, making leg length asymmetry, or gluteus medius muscle strength is asymmetrical, it makes us land harder on one side of the foot, so it can also cause damage on the side where patient lands the foot harder.

Chiropractors can trace back where the initial cause started from, and is capable in finding which specific muscle to strengthen or joint to adjust in order to fix the problem.

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