Scheuerman's Disease

Also called adolescent kyphosis which was first reported by Scheuerman in 1921. Occurs more in adolescent male in 10~15 years of age.

The upper back hunches too much and causes rounded or slouching posture. It has a tendency to run in families.

To determine if a child's round-shouldered posture is due to Scheuermann's disease, the child bends forward while the spine is viewed from the side. In Scheuermann’s disease, the lower thoracic spine comes to a sharp point, rather than just a normal smooth curve.

20~40 degree thoracic kyphosis is considered normal on X-ray. wedging of 3 consecutive vertebrae, the presence of Schmorl's nodes and a curve that measures greater than 45 degrees, is required to confirm a diagnosis of Scheuermann's disease.

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